Sunday, May 29, 2016

The best bang since the big one

she giggled drunkenly as he pushed her on to the bed. She moaned as he grabbed one of her small pert breasts in his left and squeezed hard. He put his other hand on her chest as he kissed her firmly on the lips. She giggled again as his stubble scratched her that bring her around a little bit. She began claw at his silver belt buckle. as he stepped back to take off his jeans and boots. He admired her slender figure for a long moment then climbed onto the bed. He straddled her she moaned again as he nipped at her nipples with perfect white teeth. He looked into her eyes and saw the fear that had come into them he knew she was ready for him. He moaned "oh you're so tight" he started slow then began to pick up speed.  He was not going to last long he thought. After about five thrusts he pulled out and released his load on her stomach.

He took a shower then when he came out of the bathroom he handed her a towel and barked "Clean your self up you're a mess,"he gave her a bemused look as she started to mop up the mess on her stomach. He grimaced then said "I have to go tell my client that his wife is not sleeping around she arrives alone, drinks alone then leaves alone. My name is Artur" giving her his name might be a mistake. But then if she whispered his name to the wrong people there was nowhere she could hide from him. Simply by touching someone he could sense where they were anywhere in the world. Once he had established The Bond he could could track a target anywhere even another planet.

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